Our Quantitative Approaches and Investment solutions

We will provide various investment solutions enhanced by our quantitative research and development.

Quantitative Research & Development

Investment Platform

Professional investment platform providing real-time prices/investment tools/asset allocation methodologies

Crypto Asset Indices

Multi-crypto asset index developed with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Reference Prices

JPY evaluation prices for major and alto coins traded in Japanese exchanges

Risk Monitoring

Risk prediction ratio and leverage ratio for 19 crypto-assets traded in Japanese exchanges

Investment Analysis & Tools

Real-time Prices

Real-time prices and hourly price charts

Alto-coins JPY valuation

JPY evaluation for alto coins

Daily Price Chart

Daily price charts for major crypto-assets

Proprietary Analysis

Our proprietary analysis and timing tools

Spread Monitoring

Comparison of bid/ask spreads among Japanese exchanges

Fundamental Ratio

Unique fundamental ratio supporting for the investments

Market News

CryptoCompare’s API news list

I-CIS(Premium Service)

Our proprietary investment platform