NRI/IU Crypt-Asset Reference Price

How to evaluate the market price to the crypto-assets

Crypto-assets are traded at various markets against multiple currencies including fiat currencies and other crypto-assets. Depending on the market type (exchange or OTC), liquidity level, trading volume, transaction fees, and many other factors, a crypto-asset can be traded at different prices across different markets, and therefore making it difficult to know the fair market value at a certain time. This is one of the critical issues for investment managers and fund administrators to evaluate their investment products. Therefore, we will suggest realistic solution supported by NRI and CryptoCompare.

NRI/IU Crypt-Asset Reference Price

NRI/IU Crypto-Asset Reference Price provides real-time price estimation for crypto assets including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and more in JPY. The users of “NRI/IU Crypto-Asset Reference Price” not only enjoy the real-time data but also can utilize the reference price to develop and manage crypto -assets products by evaluating the prices of crypto-assets to calculate objective market valuation and prices. NRI/IU Crypto-Asset Reference Price will support to the financial institutions and crypto-asset exchanges to develop crypto-asset derivative products and customized index token products.

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NRI/IU Crypto-Asset Reference Price

IU Crypt-Asset Reference Price

IU Crypto-Asset Reference Price provides real-time price estimation for alto-coins traded in Japanese crypto exchanges in JPY. “NRI/IU Crypto-Asset Index Methodology” contributes the price evaluation of alto-coins and distribute daily prices at JST15:00.