Fundamental Ratio Analysis

We provide several fundamental ratios in terms of the mining profitability, transaction activity and social activity.

Mining Profitability

Miners Revenue/Transaction

Miner’s revenue per transaction. It is a coincidence index for the price and it rises significantly, the price tends to level off thereafter.

Transaction Revenue Ratio

The ratio of Minor’s transaction fees to total revenue. It tends to be inversely correlated with price.

Transaction Activity

Large Transaction Ratio

The ratio of the number of large transactions to the total number of transactions. It will be a leading indicator for price.

Memory Pool Transaction Ratio

The ratio of the remaining number of memory pools to the total number of transactions. It tends to rise sharply when the price soars or falls, and when the price is 0.1 or less, the price tends to move stably (rise or fall).

Social Activity

Reddit Active Comments/User

Tthe percentage of Reditt comments to the number of users. Normally, the price stays below 1, but when it exceeds 1, it can be seen that the price has skyrocketed or plummeted.